Beautifully Disney Cosmetics Line: Sneak Peek!

At the end of last week Disney gave us the first glimpse of their new cosmetics line, Beautifully Disney, revealing this Snow White mirror, below, which will retail at $16.95. Featuring a gorgeous dark pop art graphic of the Evil Queen’s face with Snow White’s silhouette superimposed over it, this line is going to be truly wicked if the mirror is anything to go by!


Although the first image from the collection features Snow White (which is unsurprising, given that beauty and mirrors are central to the film), it is unlikely that Beautifully Disney will be dominated by Disney Princesses. Disney themselves have said that the line, which is intended to become a permanent fixture in the US parks, will feature different characters and colors every season, so we are hopeful for some less obvious ones to be included, such as Winnie the Pooh or the Toy Story cast.


Additionally, Disney are already committed to Reigning Beauties, their Disney Princess cosmetics line exclusive to Sephora. Since the line only launched last October (with a Cinderella-themed collection, pictured above) it is unlikely Disney would release their own Princess-inspired cosmetics less than half a year later, even if the cosmetics were limited to the parks (especially since there is a Sephora store in both the California and Florida Downtown Disney areas).


The second Reigning Beauties collection is themed around Jasmine, due out next month, and there will apparently be a third, although the princess it is inspired by has yet to be revealed. However, given the graphic on the mirror, it is now unlikely to be Snow White (personally I’m hoping it will be Belle).

To celebrate the release of Beautifully Disney, events will be taking place on 2 March at Downtown Disney in both California and Florida, involving make-overs and manicures so be sure to pop by if you’re in the vicinity! And if you go, be sure to Tweet us your pictures to @MaisonMouse!

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