Lady and the Tramp: Havaianas x Disney Art Collection


We were recently browsing the Havaianas store (we’re already dreaming of summer!) when we noticed these adorable flip flops featuring Lady and the Tramp in the film’s iconic spaghetti scene. These flip flops were released for Valentine’s Day (they are called ‘Namorados’, which means Valentine’s Day in Portugese) and as well as deserving kudos for not picking a more obvious Disney couple, Havaianas should also be congratulated for coming up with a clever design by putting one dog on each foot, so you can bring them together and make them kiss! SO CUTE. Check out their animated banner to see the kissing flip flops in action.

Cheshire Cat

As well as the Namorados pair, Havaianas have also partnered with Disney to create a ‘Disney Art’ collection featuring Mickey, Donald and – my favourite of the designs – the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. A Bambi design was also available but this has now sold out online.


Havaianas have worked with Disney before but that was largely a children’s collection so we’re super excited they’ve finally created one for adults too.


Disney Havaianas are £22 each and are available online and in store.

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