Beautifully Disney Gets Wickedly Beautiful For Its Debut


On Saturday Beautifully Disney, the new character-based cosmetics collection exclusive to the US Disney parks, finally launched at Disneyland California and Walt Disney World Florida. After teasing us for weeks with concept art and a beautiful Snow White compact, we can now finally see what the inaugural Beautifully Disney collection, Wickedly Beautiful, has to offer.

This first collection has been themed around the contrast of good and evil, in particular, four Disney princesses along with their respective villains. This collection is a natural evolution of the Disney Princess and Disney Villains Designer Dolls lines that debuted at the Disney Store in 2011 and 2012, which offered a ‘fashion’ take on the ten princesses and their wicked counterparts.


The Wickedly Beautiful range includes eight nail polishes and lip glosses, four of which are Villains themed and four Princess themed. The nail polish colours are gorgeous: each one has been thoughtfully chosen to represent the film that it’s from (such as the baby blue for Cinderella’s polish, which perfectly matches the shade of her ball dress) and we love the idea of putting a symbol representing each character on the cap (e.g. a shell for Ursula and the tiara for Sleeping Beauty). Of all the colours our favourites are the aqua Ariel and glittery Evil Queen purple polishes, as these are the most unusual.


The lip glosses feature lovely new illustrations and range from four darker sensuous colours for the Villains in different shades of red and purple to lighter glosses for the Princesses, which include a clear gloss and pinks. Of all the colours, the gold gloss to represent Aurora is a curious choice, as gold is usually associated with Belle. It is also interesting to note that Belle is entirely absent from this collection. Partly this may be because her villain – Gaston – would not really fit in with Ursula, Maleficent and the other grand dames but more likely, in our opinion, is that Belle is missing because she is going to be part of Sephora’s Reigning Beauties collection (you’ll notice Jasmine is also absent, as her Sephora collection debuts this month).


There are also two Wickedly Beautiful eyeshadow palettes, one with darker hues and the other more ethereal, but these can be mixed and matched together to create your own unique blend if you can’t decide whether you’re feeling Princessy or Villainous.


Don’t forget, Wickedly Beautiful is merely the first of many Beautifully Disney collections, which will be released seasonally with different colours and characters.

Wickedly Beautiful is available now in Disneyland and Disney World and select items online at the Disney Store from 4 March.

5 responses to “Beautifully Disney Gets Wickedly Beautiful For Its Debut

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  2. Hehe no problem! This is intended to be a permenant collection so next time you go to Disney they should probably have it! (It just might be a different range – I’m hoping they’ll do an Alice in Wonderland one :D)

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