Mabel Monday: The Burger Sweater

No one can rock a sweater like Mabel Pines of hit Disney Channel show, Gravity Falls. In fact, so partial is Mabel to sweaters that when she’s feeling low she seeks comfort in Sweater Town, a warm magical land found inside one’s sweater. So to ward off the Monday blues, every week I’ll be taking a trip to Sweater Town and bringing you back the coolest, silliest real-life sweaters inspired by Mabel. This day shall henceforth be known as Mabel Monday.

Mabel Burger Sweater Boss Mabel

The inaugural Mabel Monday sweater had to be suitably epic and we think you’ll agree that it is. Inspired by Mabel’s burger and fries sweater from the episode Boss Mabel (e13, s1) we bring you Markus Lupfer’s sequinned burger sweater. Although it is missing an essential ingredient (fries) we think Mabel would be suitably impressed by the sparkly hand-embellished sequins.

Markus Lupfer Burger Sweater Selfridges

This sweater retails at £295 from ASOS but (unsurprisingly, due to its awesomeness) is currently sold out. Make sure to check back next Monday for another Mabel-inspired sweater!

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