Limited Edition Mickey Moleskine Notebook

Mickey_Mouse_moleskine (12)

Last week Moleskine, who are famed for their beautifully bound notebooks, released a new limited-edition notebook featuring Mickey Mouse as part of a range honouring the art of drawing.moleskine-mickey-mouse-notebooks-2

Moleskine always innovate with their collaborations (last year they released a Lego range, which had a small Lego plate on the front cover so you could build onto the notebook) and, as befitting a cultural icon such as Mickey, they have continued to do so with this edition, building Mickey into the heart of the notebook itself.

Mickey_Mouse_moleskine (8)

The cover features a debossed Mickey sketch, which is not simply a re-hashed image but a new one created especially for the notebook whilst the flyleaves and inner back pocket both contain drawing guides, so you can learn to draw your own Mickey Mouse. This notebook would make a lovely gift for any budding artist or Disney fan.


The Moleskine Mickey Mouse notebook retails at £13.99 and is available online or from Moleskine stores.

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