Throwback Thursday: MAC Disney Villains Cosmetics Collection

Mac Disney Villains 3

With all the excitement of the recent Beautifully Disney make up line, we were reminded of the Disney Villains cosmetics collection that MAC released back in 2010. The frenzy around this collection was pretty intense and it sold out almost immediately upon hitting stores.

Mac Disney Villains 2

MAC took inspiration from four Disney Villains for the line – Evil Queen, Cruella de Vil, Dr Facilier and Maleficent – and the make-up was gorgeous. We still remember the agonising wait and then – finally! – getting our hands on the Evil Queen blusher and Maleficent eyeshadows, which we had been coveting for months. Whilst the packaging left something to be desired (they pretty much just slapped a picture of each character onto each product, when we were hoping for a bit more) the make-up was great quality and we still love the ethereal purple and black eyeshadow as it’s such an unusual shade (although it comes out more black than purple).

Mac Disney Villains 1If you’re only hearing about this collection for the first time, don’t worry! Occasionally pieces still crop up on eBay or, alternatively, check out Beautifully Disney’s first collection, Wickedly Beautiful, which also features the Evil Queen and Maleficent, as well as other villainous vixens!

5 responses to “Throwback Thursday: MAC Disney Villains Cosmetics Collection

  1. Thank you! I did manage to get a couple of items (the eyeshadow and a blusher). Every time I see it I wish I’d bought more stuff from it though. I just loved the concept, especially because if anyone had said Disney and MAC were going to collaborate I would naturally have assumed it would be a Disney Princess line.

  2. The eye shadows look insane! I wish they bring something like this out again.Yes I agree, I imagined it to be Disney princess but darker stuff is great, really edgy. So Mac! xx

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