Happy Mother’s Day! Disney’s Most Stylish Moms

Happy Mother’s Day*! Disney mothers often get a bad rap, especially step-mothers (technically this isn’t Disney’s fault: the Brothers Grimm originally came up with stories such as Sleeping Beauty and Snow White and at some point turned the evil mothers in their tales into evil step-mothers). But if you look around the Disney Vault closely enough, you’ll see some pretty fabulous mothers there too, even if they do have their ups and downs with their daughters. Check out the slideshow below for some of Disney’s loveliest moms!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

*This year Mother’s Day in the UK is on 10 March 2013 and in the US it’s on 12 May 2013! If you haven’t bought a gift yet, check out our Mother’s Day gift guide for inspiration.

Who is your favourite Disney mother?

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