Mabel Monday: The Meow Wow Sweater

Mabel Pines’ ‘Meow Wow’ sweater has reached the giddy heights of fame usually reserved for celebrities mid-meltdown: type ‘Mabel Meow’ into Google and the first five predictive search results all relate to this iconic garment from Gravity Falls episode 3.Meow Wow Jumper

What is it about the Meow Wow sweater that has struck such a chord with viewers? Granted, it’s purple, a magnificent hue, but Mabel has worn other purple sweaters that haven’t reached such levels of notoriety (for example, the purple sweater featuring a heart wearing sunglasses and the purple sweater with the basketball-playing dog). The sweater also features a rather dazed-looking cat and, in typical Mabel fashion, is satisfactorily sparkly. The slogan is, of course, key here and the onomatopoeic rhyme of ‘Meow Wow’ followed by an exclamation mark can’t help but catch the reader’s eye.


In real life, not only is it nigh-on impossible to find a sweater that achieves this level of awesomeness but it takes someone with Mabel’s unshakeable self-belief to rock such a sweater in the first place. If you want something slightly more accessible, this ASOS ‘Meow’ sweater, above, is certainly a contender. Granted it’s a somewhat sombre grey colour, features a more serious looking cat and misses the ‘Wow!’ in Mabel’s ‘Meow Wow!’ but if you’re looking to inject a bit of Mabel Pines into your routine then this is the purrfect place to start.

The Meow Cat Jumper is £30 from ASOS.

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