The Elegant Aprons Princess Collection

Have you ever found yourself baking and thought, I wish I could be covered in flour and still look like a princess? Well now you can, with the Elegant Princess Apron Collection!

Currently seeking funding through Kickstarter to get the project off the ground, the collection includes six chic yet fully functional aprons to ensure you emerge from the kitchen looking nothing less than fabulous. Based on our favourite fairytale princesses, the aprons were created by Cristina Silva and Donald Reynolds, who both have extensive experience in the fashion industry. If the aprons take off they hope to add some more designs too.

Disney Inspired Aprons

The aprons will retail at $70 but if you pledge $42 or more to the campaign you can get an apron for this discounted ‘early bird’ price. So far Elegant Princess Aprons have achieved a third of their $2,700 target and with 27 days still left to run, it looks like their dream of making beautiful aprons will come true!

We’ve already pledged but haven’t decided which apron to go for. To be honest, even though they’re made to clean easy, they’re almost too pretty to confine to the kitchen! We might just wear ours to the grocery store too.

Check out the gallery below for the full collection and head on over to Kickstarter if you want to pledge!

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