Wickedly Beautiful Cosmetics Cases

Case Set

You’ve seen the cosmetics, now it’s time to check out the accessories from the new Beautifully Disney line, featuring all our favourite princesses and villains!

As well as the mirror, which we’ve already seen, Disney have released cosmetics cases as part of the collection, which come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including a train case and nesting set (where you can pop one inside the other for storage). They are made from water resistant vinyl, so are super easy to clean if you have a make-up spill.

Nesting Cosmetic Case Set

There are three different patterns to choose from: a princess icon pattern, a princess filigree pattern and a silhouette pattern, which is our favourite, and includes Snow White, Aurora, Maleficent and Ursula’s silhouettes.

Train Case

We also love the zip pulls, which either feature the Beautifully Disney logo or a tiara icon charm. So cute!

The Beautifully Disney cosmetics cases retail between $24.95 -$39.95 and are exclusive to Disney parks and the US Disney Store online.

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