Fairytale Fashion: I’m Really a Mermaid by I Love Crafty

We love discovering new brands, here at Maison Mousse, the quirkier the better. So we were thrilled to stumble across I Love Crafty, run by the enigmatic purple-haired Laura, who describes herself as a “day-dreamer and jewellery designer”. Clearly the two vocations complement each other as her work is in equal parts stylish and dreamy, with collections like “Modern Romance” (full of hearts and smiley faces) and “Feline Fatale” (lots of cats!).

Wish You Were a Mermaid Pink Necklace I Love Crafty

The collection that especially caught our eye was “I’m Really a Mermaid”. Not only is the name wonderful but Laura’s acrylic underwater-themed designs are enchanting. Shaped into shells, starfish and, of course, mermaids, they are available as earrings, necklaces and rings. We particularly like the Wish You Were a Mermaid necklace in pink, above, which reminds us of Wendy’s encounter with mermaids in Neverland:

Wendy: What? Are mermaids not sweet?
Peter: They’ll sweetly drown you if you get too close.

But fear not: unlike the cold-blooded beauties of Mermaid Lagoon, I Love Crafty’s accessories are very sweet indeed!

The Wish You Were a Mermaid necklace is £16 from I Love Crafty.

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