Mabel Monday: Shooting Star Sweater

Mabel Shooting Star Creature in the Closet

On today’s Mabel Monday we feature what some have described as Mabel’s signature outfit: a pink sweater with a shooting star and rainbow. An inspiring motif, the star is a shining beacon of aspiration whilst the rainbow represents the sun, rain and vomiting gnomes.

Wildfox Shooting Star Jumper Selfridges

For a punkier version of this sweater, check out Wildfox’s light pink version. With its long sleeves and roomy fit, it replicates Mabel’s love of oversized sweaters whilst featuring a few extra stars (we’re sure Mabel would approve) and a laddered finish. If anyone asks why you’re wearing a ripped sweater, tell them you just finished battling a Gremloblin.

The Wildfox shooting star sweater retails at £191 and is available in pink and black from Asos.

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