Designers of Dreams Fashion Show at Disneyland Paris

Jean Paul Knott

On Monday we revealed the inspiration behind the nine couture outfits sent down the runway at Disneyland Paris’ ‘Designers of Dreams’ fashion show. Today we are thrilled to bring you an in-depth report on all the fashion, with more details, pictures and even some sketches, so you can really see what went into the design process: creating a ballgown is not as easy as Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother made it look!

The most striking ensemble of the evening came courtesy of Belgian-born Jean Paul Knott, who was inspired by the poisoned apple from Snow White (above). The voluminous outfit included an artfully draped red dress under a spherical structured cape, which looked good enough to eat.

Sister by Sibling

Meanwhile Sister by Sibling’s knitted blue dream of an outfit was inspired by little-known Cinderella character, Mary Mouse. Mary is one of the three mice (along with Jaq and Gus) who create Cindy’s original pink dress in the film. Not only do the mice witness their dress being torn apart by the ugly sisters but the trio are then turned into horses and have to hang around outside the Royal Ball until Cinderella finally finishes partying! London-based brand Sibling were so touched by Mary’s story they decided it was high time she got to go to the ball too.

Their hand-knitted baby blue outfit is comprised of a fluffy mini-skirt and ribbed sweater with a hand-embroidered ’11.59’ motif displayed prominently on the bodice (just in case Cinderella loses track of the time). An oversized beanie (reminiscent of Mary’s little cap in the film) and a pair of crystallised Hogan high tops (for added sparkle) were the perfect finishing touches.

Philip Treacy

Philip Treacy, the world-renowned milliner, is no stranger to creating Royal hats (many of the guests at Prince William’s wedding in 2011 were wearing his designs) so it was refreshing to see he chose a less obvious character from Disney’s catalogue for his inspiration: Peter Pan. The hand-created green trilby featured large green leaves and a huge orange feather – apparently a tribute to his home country of Ireland – casting a spritely shadow worthy of Peter himself. Treacy said of the collaboration, “I couldn’t resist this project with Disneyland Paris because all our inner children and all our childhoods are wrapped up in it in some aspect because whether you’re tiny or tall, dreams are always in your heart.” No word on whether Philip used soap to stick his creation together, though.

Luisa Beccaria

Italy’s Luisa Beccaria’s iridescent organza creation was inspired by Princess Jasmine, whom Beccaria called “an icon of today.” The cobalt blue colour echoes the rich hues of the Middle East while the silhouette is accentuated by pleating and a bias neckline. When the model walked the runway the sleeves created an opulent cape, which would look amazing billowing out on a magic carpet! (Might be a health and safety hazard though).

Custo Barcelona Disney Maleficent

Of course, it isn’t a Disney production without at least one villain and in this case it was Maleficent, whose outfit was designed by Custo Barcelona of Spain. He cited the “spirit of contradiction” as his inspiration for the look, a mini-dress of leather and wool. Finished with metal and glass decorations, this bad girl get-up had more than a hint of punk and goth. How appropriate, given that Angelina Jolie is playing Maleficent in the upcoming live-action film.

Michalsky Disney Cinderella

Like Luisa Baccaria, Michael Michalsky also chose a Disney Princess for his inspiration: Cinderella. His midnight blue dress was an ode to the transformation scene, in which Cinderella’s rags are turned into a rich ballgown. The off-the-shoulder leather corset boasts 14,000 Swarovski crystals, contrasting with the delicate silk chiffon skirt. The outfit was topped off with a matching headband over a vertiginous bun, a high-fashion twist on Cindy’s up-do.

ALexander Terekhov Designers of Dreams

Russian designer Alexander Terekhov chose to bring Alice in Wonderland to life, saying that he has “always loved Alice as a character, because she is kind, sweet and beautiful.” Using nine meters of powder blue taffeta to create Alice’s dress, it echoes the story of Wonderland itself. From top to bottom the dress follows Alice’s transition from a young girl (represented by the simple t-shirt shape of the bodice) to a grown woman (embodied in that wonderfully elegant skirt). The passage of time is itself symbolised in the wristlet Terekhov’s Alice is carrying, which is shaped like an oversize clock, hand-embroidered on metallic leather.

Supertrash Lion King

Olcay Gulsen, for Supertrash, was inspired by Simba from The Lion King and the “pure innocence” of African nature. Gulsen wanted to create an outfit that would be “in harmony with all animals.” The long-sleeved mini-dress creates a strong silhouette, with its angular skirt and ruffles, while the sparkly golden fabric symbolizes the majesty of The Lion King.

Minnie Mouse Lanvin

And finally, Alber Elbaz of French fashion house Lanvin, was tasked with creating a dress for the Mistress of Festivities, Minnie Mouse herself. Made of blue neoprene with sparkly jewels and a red crown (eat your heart out, princesses), her outfit was a bold new look for a mouse most often associated with polkadots. Thanks to Lanvin, the First Lady of Disney was certainly the belle of the ball!

Which outfit was your favorite?

The Designers of Dreams fashion show was held as part of the extended celebrations for Disneyland Paris’ 20th anniversay. You can celebrate with Mickey, Minnie et al now until September 2013. For more information, visit!

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