Mabel Monday: Lightning Bolt Sweater

Just because Spring has arrived doesn’t mean it’s time to shrug off those sweaters: for a start, it’s been a steady -1°C since January here in the UK whilst even across the pond in, say California, you may still need something to throw on for chilly evenings.

Mabel Lightning Bolt Sweater

With this in mind, today’s Mabel Monday sweater is inspired by the lightning bolt motif Mabel sports in episode 7 of Gravity Falls, Double Dipper. Mabel is the definition of ‘kooky’ (move over Zooey Deschanel) and in this episode we finally see her interact with her peers and face-off (technically, dance-off) against the most popular girl in school. So it’s fitting that Mabel starts the episode in a black sweater featuring lightning, which often appears in mythology as a weapon.

Markus Lupfer Lighning Jumper

If you want to electrify in real life, this sky blue Markus Lupfer sweater has triple the power with its three lightning bolts. Pair with a flippy skirt and stompy boots to really get the sparks flying.

This isn’t the first time one of Markus’ sweaters has been featured on Mabel Monday: his mind-blowingly awesome sequin burger sweater kicked off the series. We can imagine Mabel approving of his quirky knitwear, so it probably won’t be the last time either!

Markus Lupfer’s Lightning Sweater retails at £265 and is currently available at

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