Cute Alert! Disney Leggings at Hot Topic


Hot Topic have really upped their game when it comes to Disney-inspired fashion. First, there was the Hipster Ariel t-shirt, which made us giggle every time we looked at it, and now they’ve come out with a range of Disney leggings!


Currently there are three pairs to choose from: a blue Ariel and friends version, a purple Ursula style and a grey Alice in Wonderland pair, which will inject some animation into any outfit. Personally we don’t like wearing leggings on their own, preferring to style them with shorts or a mini skirt, and the one problem with these leggings is that the illustrations start so high on the legs we’d be cutting off Ariel/the Mad Hatter’s head if we wore anything over them (which the Queen of Hearts might appreciate, now that we think about it).

Hot Topic Leggings

Either way, these leggings are still cute enough that we would trade our voice to the sea witch to get hold of a pair. Fingers crossed they’ll come out with some other designs too (101 Dalmations, Maleficent or Belle would be great!).

The leggings are each priced at $22.50 and are available from Hot Topic online.

Little Mermaid Images via FashionablyGeek

12 responses to “Cute Alert! Disney Leggings at Hot Topic

  1. i saw these at the mall today and thought about it but i just cant see myself wearing something a 5 year old would wear lol

  2. I think only a super fashionable 5 year old would wear these 😉

    I’m super jealous that you saw them though! We don’t have Hot Topic in the UK so I’m going to have to hope they still have them when I come to the US.

  3. also ive just discovered disney couture on ebay and disney parks exclusives that are never on im on disney overload right now lol

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