Throwback Thursday: Mickey Mouse Macarons by Laduree

Disney Laduree Disneyland Macaroons 5

Disney and the French have always had a love/hate relationship. Disney loves France – think of Beauty and the Beast, The Aristocats and Ratatouille – but the French love to hate Disney and when EuroDisney, as it was then known, opened in 1992 the French protested and complained of ‘cultural imperialism’. 17 years later, the tide turned when French culinary institution Ladurée collaborated with Disney to create a Mickey Mouse-shaped macaron that put the ‘treat’ into peace treaty.

Ladurée are famed for a chic pastel-coloured pastry known as the ‘macaron’. Dreamt up in 1930 by the grandson of Louis Ladurée, the macaron is made of two chewy shells stuck together with a rich ganache filling.

Disney Laduree Disneyland Macaroons 6

In 2009 Ladurée revealed their Mickey macaron, made from three separate pastries: a large raspberry macaron for the head and smaller chocolate and vanilla macarons for the ears. The cute concoction was then popped into one of Laduree’s famous celadon boxes, which had been modified with an adorable chibi Mickey on the lid and the Disney castle on the sides.

Disney Laduree Disneyland Macaroons Mickey Mouse

Sadly the Mickey macaron was only available for a limited time at Disneyland Paris and Ladurée’s Champs Elysées boutique. But check out the slideshow and instructions below to see if you can make your own!

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Macaron Instructions

  1. Follow Martha Stewart’s macaron recipe for the shell and ganache here
  2. Create a stencil for the base
  3. Once baked, cover the base with three circles of raspberry ganache
  4. Add three separate circular macaron ‘lids’: a chocolate and a vanilla for the ears and a large raspberry shell for the face!

Et voila! If you try this at home be sure to send us a picture!

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