Fairytale Fashion: 3 Fins Mermaid Tails

There’s something about mermaids that is utterly captivating. Whether they’re heroic (like Ariel), bitchy (like the mermaids in Peter Pan) or downright evil – remember Gemma Ward as a gorgeous, vampiric mermaid in Pirates of the Caribbean? –  the myth and romance behind these underwater sirens has always captured our imagination. When we were little (and sometimes more recently) we would wiggle our toes in the bath and pretend that we were Ariel marvelling at her new feet.

But thanks to a family-run company called 3-Fins we can now wiggle our toes in the bath and see a tail wiggling back. Because 3-Fins is a company that sells fully functional (or at least, fully water-resistant) mermaid tails to wear in the bath or on the beach (check out the pictures below).

Image 14 - Copy

Legend has it that the Canadian-based company was started by mer-mother Monika Naumann, who came home one day to find her daughters paddling about in the pool wearing tails they had fashioned for themselves out of nylon. Naumann was soon inspired to make a more durable version out of top quality swimming materials for each of her three daughters. Naturally, they wore their tails wherever they went and Naumann even recalls one occasion when her daughter Megan was wearing her tail out in public: “One woman asked Megan not to take her tail off, as her daughter thought Megan was a real, true mermaid. Megan had to sit on the edge of the pool and answer the child’s questions such as, ‘How do you brush your teeth underwater?’” Naumann told a local paper.

The attention they received and questions about where such tails could be purchased convinced Naumann there was a market for them and led to her setting up an online store making made to measure tails, 3 Fins Custom Mermaid Tails.


The tails don’t come cheap but they are made for swimming and there’s no better beach accessory this summer, whether you want to inject some magic into your life or just want to see the reaction on the lifeguards’ faces!

The mermaid tails are made to measure, available in a variety of colours and retail at $350 CAD. Visit 3-Fins.com for more info!

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