Throwback Thursday: Tokyo Disneyland Town Center Fashions

This week Tokyo Disneyland began its 30th anniversary celebrations and the Disney park’s Japanese legacy is truly worth celebrating. The resort now encompasses two parks (Disneyland and Disney Sea), three themed hotels and countless rides, restaurants and attractions.

We were lucky enough to visit the park last Halloween and it is one of the world’s best kept secrets: the attention to detail, cleanliness and overall experience were absolutely phenomenal. As a tribute we’ve dedicated this week’s Throwback Thursday to Tokyo Disneyland and, from all of us here at Maison Mouse, we wish the park a magical 30th anniversary!

Disneyland Tokyo 1

When you enter Disneyland you find yourself in the World Bazaar, as opposed to Main Street, although it is similarly filled with shops and cafes and Cinderella’s castle is directly ahead of you. One of the things we loved about the Tokyo park, though, was that the name of each shop and its window displays always reflect what the store sells: in this case, of course, Town Center Fashions is a clothing store.

Disneyland Tokyo 2

But before we caught sight of the store’s name, we saw its window and could not look away: in the window were life-size versions of four Disney Princess gowns and they were breathtaking. We wished so hard that these dresses were available to buy inside but, sadly (and for obvious reasons), they were display only. The full window scene actually depicts Minnie Mouse (not pictured here) as a seamstress in her sewing room, measuring up a dress for Cinderella, who is peering around the door. Inside the workroom there are dresses for Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White (below).

Disneyland Tokyo 3

Disneyland Tokyo 4

The level of detail in this one window display alone – from the wallpaper to the birds assisting with Cinderella’s dress – is incredible, especially when you stop to consider that this is one of the hundreds (if not thousands) of window displays all around the park, each as carefully decorated as the next. We also love the opulent material used to re-create each dress, turning the fantasy on the screen into realistic, period-looking pieces.

Disneyland Tokyo 5

Here’s one last anecdote we’ll share with you about the window displays. Because we were visiting the park for Halloween, almost all the window displays were filled with the most impressive themed decorations. But as the clock struck midnight on 31 October, the entire park transformed from Halloween-themed to Christmas-themed. We know this because we left the park late on the night of the 31st, having fully enjoyed the Halloween celebrations, and when we arrived back at the park on the morning of 1 November every single Halloween decoration (down to the Halloween-themed trashcans) had been removed and most of the park’s Christmas decorations were already up, including window displays and stores full of Christmas merchandise. We still have no idea how they did it so fast and in such little time but it was truly magical!

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