Throwback Thursday: Stella McCartney’s Bambi Campaign

Models are often compared to Bambi, with their wide eyes and long legs, so it’s not a total surprise to learn that Bambi himself was once featured in a high fashion ad campaign.

Stella-McCartney-fw09-campaign Bambi

In British Vogue’s 2009 September issue, Bambi made his modelling debut in a Stella McCartney campaign. Shot in an English forest, a tousle-haired model posed in McCartney’s Autumn/Winter collection surrounded by Bambi and friends.

Although the dear didn’t actually feature on any of the clothes (for high fashion Bambi sweaters see Givenchy’s Autumn/Winter 13/14 collection), Stella explained she decided to include him in the adverts because, “The clothes in the campaign are looking quite fierce, and we wanted to contrast them with the innocence of Bambi.”

Stella-McCartney-fw09-campaign2 Bambi

The Bambi/McCartney mash-up is one that makes sense, not least because Stella is known for being a dedicated vegetarian and her clothing range is entirely free of fur and leather – even her shoes. This humanitarianism was passed down from her mother Linda (who even created her own line of vegetarian food) and the inclusion of Bambi was partly a tribute to her: “I’m a huge Bambi fan, and the film reminds me of my mum,” Stella told WWD at the time.

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