LeSportSac x It’s A Small World: Holland Collection!

If you need some Dutch courage, check out the latest collection from LeSportsac’s Disney range, ‘It’s A Small World.’ Borrowing artwork from the Disneyland ride’s designer, Mary Blair, LeSportsac have created a range that will take you around the world in 80 bags (maybe more) and, this season, it stops off in Holland!

Holland is actually the fourth location on LeSportsac’s It’s A Small World journey, having already visited Tahiti, Morocco and London with their Summer, Fall and Winter 2012 collections (since Maison Mouse is based in London we can confirm that was a good choice for Winter – it’s the only season we seem to get around here!).

Picture Tote Blooming Joy

The Holland collection focuses on three prints: Well Wishes, Global Journey and Share Your Dreams.

Global Journey (below) is a print made up of the world’s architectural icons (Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, Big Ben) drawn in Mary Blair’s classic style and reworked in beige and pastel. A dizzying 17 different bags are available in this print and each one comes with either a double coin charm or, on larger styles, the coveted Multi Landmark charm, a colourful metal keyring featuring a windmill, Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower.

EveryGirl Tote Global Journey

The Well Wishes print (below) features all the classic symbols we associate with Holland – clogs, bikes and tulips – and comes with an adorable Kallie charm. Kallie looks like the dolls from the It’s A Small World ride and comes dressed in traditional Dutch garb. The print is available in an incredible 14 styles (including totes, wallets and cosmetics pouches) so if you like it you’re sure to find one that suits your needs.

Basic Backpack Well Wishes

For a more subtle bag, Share Your Dreams (below) has a beige and cream noughts and crosses print, which will go with anything. It is interspersed with brightly coloured symbols embroidered onto it, such as windmills and flowers to give it a pop of colour and is available in 8 styles, each of which comes with a coin charm.

Small EveryGirl Tote Share Your Dreams

The Holland collection also includes some fab one-off bags, including the embroidered Blooming Joy bag (top picture) which really does fill us with joy every time I look at it, thanks to the tulip print on the bottom half, which makes it look as though the bag is filled with flowers!

We’ve been a big LeSportsac fan ever since their collaboration with Tokidoki, so we can’t wait to see where LeSportsac’s Disney collaboration lands next season! In the meantime, check out lots more pictures in the gallery below!

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If you’re US based and want a chance to win one of these fab bags, head over to LeFancyGeek who is currently hosting a giveaway!

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