Let Them Eat Cakeworthy Disney T-Shirts

Hipster Jasmine Cakeworthy T-Shirt

For tongue-in-cheek, affordable Disney apparel, look no further than online store Cakeworthy! They have a great selection of quirky merchandise inspired by some of pop culture’s most famous faces, like this hipster Jasmine tee, above. See, Ariel‘s not the only hipster in Fantasyland!

Carl Cakeworthy T-Shirt

Many of the designs are wonderfully wacky and ever so slightly anti-establishment: we especially love the Carl-inspired t-shirt, above, since Up merchandise is so hard to track down, and the Starbucks/Ariel mash-up below, which is a clever take on the Starbucks mermaid logo.

Starbucks Ariel Cakeworthy

Almost all the designs are available as sweatshirts and tote bags too and come in white, black or pink. Since their inception on Etsy in 2011, Cakeworthy have apparently sold over 5,000 handmade pop culture tees, tote bags and sweaters and after trading for less than a year they took the plunge and opened their own online store  in 2012.

Minnie Mouse Cupcake

Now they are planning to expand further by launching their own affordable fashion line, starting with a pair of shorts in their classic Mickey and Minnie cupcake design (below). The shorts will be made in cotton/canvas and available from sizes XS to XL. This is an awesome idea because it’s so hard to find Disney apparel for adults that isn’t a t-shirt or a sweater, and we would definitely like more Disney in our closet in the form of bottoms or dresses.

Cakeworthy Shorts

To find out more about their new fashion line visit Cakeworthy’s IndieGoGo page, where you can also find out about the awesome pledge contest they’re running (you could win free shirts for a year!)

To visit Cakeworthy’s online store, go to www.cakeworthystore.com, where most of the t-shirts featured here retail for $24.99.

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