Throwback Thursday: Miss Piggy for MAC Cosmetics

You can put lipstick on a pig and it’s still a pig. Unless the lipstick is by MAC Cosmetics and the pig happens to be Miss Piggy, in which case she just looks more fabulous than ever!

In 2011, the year the Muppets was re-booted, Miss P did what any self-respecting diva would do when they have a blockbuster film coming out and teamed up with an array of cosmetics and fashion brands to shill some products. The collaboration with MAC was one of the more inspired choices (although, in what seems like a tragic oversight, the collection didn’t include any lipstick).


What it did include, however, was a pink frosted eyeshadow in Miss Piggy Pink, a black liquid eyeliner and false eyelashes. Oh, and some incredible promotional images (above) which saw Miss Piggy channelling Alice Cooper.

At the time, Miss Piggy said of the collaboration: “MAC and moi have a similar philosophy about beauty. We believe that all beauty comes from within – that if you love yourself, then you will look lovely. But, just in case, it doesn’t hurt to have some fabulous make-up to highlight your loveliness. Thus, MAC and moi equals beauty enhanced!”

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