Turn Your Home Into the House of Mouse With Mickey Furniture

Ribbon ChairsIf you shed a tear whenever you leave Disneyland, Capellini’s furniture line is sure to cheer you up when you get home by injecting some magic into your own kingdom. The upscale Italian furniture makers collaborated with Disney in 2010 to create a line of five eco-friendly chairs and stools, including the Ribbon stools, above, which are made of laser cut sheet metal and feature Mickey’s timeless silhouette peeking out over the seat.


For something a bit comfier, this swivel armchair, above, is covered in a colourful geometric pattern that from afar looks unremarkable but, once you have adjusted your eyes, is revealed to be a series of Mickey heads!

Disney Capellini White Chair (2)

If you want something a little more minimalist, this white leather De Lux chair (above) is embroidered with Mickey heads but unless you pay attention it is simply a classic piece of furniture that wouldn’t look out of place in Tony Stark’s glass palace.

But if you want to buy into the Disney magic without decorating your house in mouse print, the Eco-Fish chair (below) is made of white plastic and covered in a colourful geometric pattern with not a Mickey head in sight. Here’s a little secret though: it was inspired by It’s a Small World!

White MultiColoured Chair Disney Capellini

At the time, the executive vice president of Disney Consumer Products, Home and Fashion, Pamela Lifford, said: “Walt Disney and Cappellini both have a shared approach to design, creativity and collaboration that turns everyday products into functional works of art. Collaborating with a leading Italian design brand specialising in contemporary furnishings like Cappellini is another exciting step in continuing Walt Disney Signature’s philosophy on design and innovation.”

If you fancy putting your feet up on one of these fabulous furnishings, they are still available on Yoox.com but don’t get too excited: the range starts at £263 (for the red stool) and goes up to £3,883 for the white leather arm chair.

Where’s Prince Charming with his credit card when you need him?

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