Throwback Thursday: Disney Cosplay at SDCC 2010

Now that ‘con’ season is truly upon us, we thought it would be a good time to look back at some truly wonderful cosplay spotted at Comic Cons past.

For those who don’t know, ‘cosplay’ is a term for people who dress up as characters, usually having made their own costume. The movement comes from Japan (of course!) and the ethos behind it is to create a truly accurate costume and embody that character, for example, having a pose ready when people ask for photographs, as Gisele and Ariel, below, demonstrate so well.

So with that in mind, check out the rest of these awesome Disney cosplayers from San Diego Comic Con 2010.

Ariel and Gisele Cosplay SDCC 2010

A Tim Burton-esque trio, below, from the live-action Alice in Wonderland: Alice (in armour), the Mad Hatter and the White Queen. One element of cosplay is to choose a well-known character in one of their lesser-known costumes, such as Alice below (usually we think of Alice in her blue dress) or Gisele above, in her dress made out of curtains (when the enduring image from Enchanted is of Gisele in the huge white wedding gown).

Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland Cosplay SDCC 2010

We LOVED this couple cosplaying as Woody and Bo. The costumes (especially Bo’s) are so impressive and it was so cute that Woody got into  his cowboy pose when he stopped for the photo. There’s a snake in ma boot!

Woody and Bo Peep Cosplay SDCC 2010

We caught these Disney Princesses, below, off duty at the Marriott hotel next to the convention centre, so they look pretty grumpy! We like how Cinderella has taken off her glass slippers to get comfortable. Let’s just hope she didn’t forget them again!

Disney Princess Cosplay SDCC 2010

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