Super Stylish Disney Princess Pop Art


Take one graphic designer, add 12 princesses, bake for ten minutes and you’ll end up with something like this fabulous Disney Princess print by Adrian Mentus.

We love the pretty pastel shades and simple clean lines he’s used so the princesses are still instantly recognisable despite being so minimalist.

Adrian Mentus Disney Princess Tee

You may be aware that there are technically only eleven Disney Princesses officially inducted into the Disney Princess hall of fame (Merida from Brave was added last month although technically she is a Pixar Princess). So who’s the interloper? Sophia the First! She’s so darned cute though we’ll let it slide.


If you’re a fan of Mentus’ work you can buy the print as a pillow (want! want!), t-shirt, bag or other fab accessories all in the region of $20. Although it’s a bit late for this year’s May the Fourth, Mentus also does Star Wars prints.

Head on over to the website to see more.

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