Rapunzel Rapunzel Let Down Your…Hood!?

35-rapunzelWe love us some DIY here on MaisonMouse and we especially love clothes that straddle the fine line between cosplay and casualwear. So you can imagine our excitement when we stumbled upon this Rapunzel-inspired hoodie by Holly of FabricBlog, who came up with the concept and stitched the entire thing together herself. The attention to detail is amazing, from the flowers in the hair – sorry, hood – to the sun motif applique on the back. And it doesn’t just look great, it’s super practical too.


In fact, not only is this snazzy sweatshirt a great way to stay warm at Halloween (hey, those “adult” Disney Princess costumes don’t protect much from the elements) but it also doubles as the best Bad Hair Day disguise you’ll ever see. Ditch the dry shampoo! Bin the brushes! If you wake up in the morning with hair plastered across your face or in mad clumps across your skull all you have to do is throw this baby on and you’re good to go because, from the back, you’ll look like you have a head full of totally manageable long blonde locks. And it’ll even keep your real hair dry. Take that, rain cloud.


As with most Disney stories, there is good news and bad news. The bad news is that the only way to get hold of this hoodie is to make it yourself, as it’s not for sale. The good news is that Holly has posted a two-part step by step tutorial (Part 1, Part 2) so get out those needles, princesses! (Just don’t pull an Aurora and prick your finger though – safety first.)

Oh and the best news? This isn’t the first Princess hoodie Holly has made. Check out her Snow White sweater below!


All pictures courtesy of FabricBlog

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