If the Disney Shoe Ornament Fits…

Disney Princess Shoe OrnamentsEven Cinderella would have had trouble squeezing her dainty feet into these!

This summer Disney are releasing a range of character-inspired shoe ornaments, each measuring just three inches long. (Maybe we could slip one on each toe?)

Disney Character Shoe Ornaments

The collection was designed by artists Cody Reynolds and Costa Alavezos from the Disney Design Group and will feature at least 19 different characters, ranging from Disney Villains and Princesses to Mary Poppins and Jack Skellington. Although it’s hard to believe, Alvezos, who designed all the Villains shoe ornaments, had never designed women’s shoes before. He did a great job since his work reminds us of footwear designer Kobi Levi’s Witch Craft collection, which is also based on the Disney Villains, although Costa used more elements from the films rather than the Villains’ costumes, for example the feathers and sword for the Evil Queen.

Disney Villains Shoe Ornaments

Disney Villains Shoe Ornaments - Maleficent and Red Queen DetailMeanwhile Cody Reynolds worked on the Princess shoes and some of the other much-loved characters, including Jack Skellington, Alice and, of course, Minnie. Although it’s a close call, our favourite design is the Rapunzel heel. Not only do we love the way Rapunzel’s hair is wrapped around the heel, this shoe reminds us of the ice-cream cone heel Karl Lagerfeld (creative director of Chanel) recently designed for his collaboration with Melissa Shoes (interestingly enough, Melissa did their own Disney Villains shoe collection a couple of years ago). Of the non-Princess shoes, the Mary Poppins design is the most fabulously frothy with plenty of glitter to boot (no pun intended!).Disney Princess Shoe Ornaments - Rapunzel Close Up

Disney Character Shoe Ornaments - Mary Poppins Close UpWhile we love the collection we also can’t help but feel a bit sad about it because now we’ve seen them we need these shoes in our life and we’re not just talking about for display!

The ornaments will be hitting Disneyland and Walt Disney World in the next couple of weeks where they’ll be retailing at $22.95 each plus tax. They’ll also be available at the Disney Store online later in the year (US only).

Disney Villains Shoe Ornaments - Red Queen Close Up

Oh, and if you’re now as obsessed as we are about owning an actual pair of these shoes, let us know in the comments below. Maybe we could start a petition asking Disney to make them for real…

4 responses to “If the Disney Shoe Ornament Fits…

  1. I know someone who makes disney inspired shoes and they are amazing. Seriously Sassy is the facebook page. Or if you type disney wedding shoes into ebay or etsy she will come up there and think she also has a website now http://www.seriouslysassyx.co.uk are fabulous and she does custom orders too. Check it out

  2. Those are awesome! Thank you so much for the tip I will definitely be checking these out and writing them up 🙂

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