Disney Princesses Go Great Gatsby

Monday Disney Flappers

Here’s a Disney Princess re-design we can all get behind!

With Great Gatsby fever reaching, er, fever pitch and everyone getting in a flap over flapper fashion, it’s the perfect time to take a look at some Disney dames re-imagined as 1920s bright young things by DeviantArt user HelleeTitch.

Disney Flappers

Luscious-locked princesses Belle and Pocahontas get striking up-dos, above, in keeping with the period fashion for short hair. And Pocahontas is wearing shoes! Nice.

Disney Flappers (2)

The raised hemlines and dropped waists suit Ariel and Alice and they also mean the Little Mermaid can finally do the Charleston and show off those legs she worked so hard for. Aurora, below right, keeps the length of her dress but it get’s a more modern makeover with the strappy style.

Disney Flappers (3)

Of all the Disney Princess films, Princess and the Frog is the only one set in the Great Gatsby era (1920s/30s) and at one point Tiana is actually featured in a flapper-esque frock. HelleeTitch, however, preferred to take inspiration from Tiana’s more striking lilypad dress. Of all the designs, this one is our favourite and below we’ve thrown together some inspiration for you to re-create Tiana’s 1920s outfit at home.

1-1-Disney Flapper Inspiration

Dress: Miss Selfridge | Shoes: Irregular Choice | Gloves: John Lewis | Hairband: Claire’s Accessories | Necklace: Forever 21

Will you be rocking the flapper look this Spring?

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