Disney Merch Round Up: What’s Hot at Hot Topic

Hot Topic Disney Leggings Little Mermaid

Is it payday yet?

We’ve been meaning to do a Hot Topic/Disney round-up for a while because the Hot Topic website is a treasure trove of licensed Disney goodies. From purveyor of punk rock merchandise to geek chic shopping mecca, Hot Topic has settled well into its new retail niche and, in particular, upped its game when it comes to Disney apparel and accessories for adult women, choosing unusual designs for its tank tops and coming up with ever more fanciful branded products.

For a start there are the Little Mermaid leggings, which took everyone by storm when they came out last month and a new edition appeared online last week, this time featuring hunky Prince Eric (we’ve always dreamed of having him wrapped around our legs). Hopefully this will be a range that keeps on expanding.

Beauty and the Beast Ballroom Tank Top Hot Topic

Then there’s the tank tops. Although not as stunning as the Beauty and the Beast stained glass window top (which sold out immediately last month) this one, above, featuring the ballroom scene is lovely and something a bit different than the usual Mickey/Minnie tops. Similarly the Peter Pan tank, below, showcases one of the most iconic scenes from the film and the background colour – a midnight blue – makes it perfect to pair with some jeans. Both tops retail at $20.50.

Disney Peter Pan Flying Tank Top Hot Topic

Finally, these book-shaped zip wallets cropped up on the Hot Topic website recently. Limited to Alice in Wonderland and Snow White, they’re a cute way to store your money and at $19.50 each won’t leave your current wallet empty either. Although isn’t it so much more tempting to display them on your bookshelf?

NEED PICS Tuesday Hot Topic Round Up

All merchandise available online at HotTopic.com

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