Join the Dark Side: Disney Goth Fashion

To paraphrase Iron Maiden, it’s ten minutes to midnight and World Goth Day is nearly over in London but, on the other hand, what better time is there to get in a last World Goth Day post than the Witching Hour? Read on for some pointers on going goth the Disney way…

Taking the Mickey

Mickey Mouse Goth

T-Shirt: eBay only | Michael Rodent Ring: The Great Frog London | Leather Jacket: Philip Plein | Mouse Ears: Topshop

Go hell for leather with this Mickey Mouse studded leather jacket, silver Mickey-inspired ‘Michael Rodent’ ring and a pair of studded Topshop mouse ears. Underneath, throw on this impossible-to-find men’s Joy Division Mickey t-shirt which appeared briefly and inexplicably on the Disney Store website in 2011 before being removed. Unsurprisingly it now goes for hundreds of dollars on eBay.

Something Wicked

Disney Villains

T-Shirt: Hot Topic | Disney Villains MAC lipgloss and eyeshadow: eBay only | Leggings: Hot Topic

Vamp it up villains style with a purple and black Evil Queen tee, Ursula leggings and lashings of Disney Villains for MAC eyeshadow and gloss. It’ll soon be pretty clear who’s the fairest of them all.

Nightmare on Main Street

Tim Burton

Nightmare Before Christmas Hoodie, Scarf and Headband and Frankenweenie bag: all (US)

If you fancy yourself a bit of a Burton babe you can now dress head to toe in the mad-haired man’s creations. Just try not to kidnap Sandy Claws.

Marilyn Mansion

Haunted Mansion

Haunted Mansion dress: Etsy | Haunted Mansion Coaster Set: (US) or eBay | Haunted Mansion replica house: Theme Park Connection

Haunted Mansion Coaster Set: $25
Haunted Mansion dress: $120
Haunted Mansion: priceless.

Actually, this replica Haunted Mansion isn’t priceless (it’s about $837,0000) but it is located in Georgia. So maybe it’s easier to just throw on this hauntingly beautiful Mansion-inspired dress from Etsy retailer Lameasaurus and invite people for drinks (that way you can crack out these awesome coasters!). Dead easy, right?

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