Review: It’s a Small World x LeSportSac

Around the World Print

This week we’re celebrating the 47th anniversary of Disneyland’s It’s a Small World ride, which opened 47 years ago tomorrow (if you can make sense of that!). And there’s no better way to celebrate than with one of LeSportSac’s It’s a Small World bags.

After launching in Spring 2012 with a Tahiti-inspired It’s a Small World collection, LeSportSac have continued their journey around the globe with stops in Morocco (Summer 2012), England (Winter 2012) and Holland (Spring 2013). For Summer 2013 they have brought the global gang together with an ‘Around the World’ collection, featuring children from India, Russia, Japan as well as re-visiting Morocco and England. Most magical of all, It’s a Small World designer, Mary Blair, even makes an appearance herself!

LeSportSac kindly sent us some bags to review and here at Maison Mouse we take that kind of the thing very seriously so we enlisted the help of some unbiased assistants to put the bags through their paces. Check out our report below!

Basic Backpack in Around the World 1

This year James P Sullivan, top scarer at Monsters, Inc, is going back to school. He’s a little more rotund but just as hairy (and scary!) in the picture above and, as you can see, he needs a backpack to carry on campus. We suggested the LeSportSac Basic Backpack in the Around the World print. One of the best features of this backpack is its many zipped pockets, as well as a detachable pouch, for stashing your books, pens, water, snacks and general gubbins. If you’re Sully-sized you may even be able to fit yourself in there too!

Basic backpack in Around the World print: $116

Small EveryGirl Tote in Around the World

Last time we saw Maximus and Pascal they were causing trouble at Rapunzel’s Royal Wedding so we’re not sure why they’re nosying around this Small EveryGirl Tote in the Around the World print! Maybe they want to see what Rapunzel might be taking on her honeymoon. Either way, we would definitely suggest she takes this bag as it’s perfect for travel. You can store plane tickets and passports in the inner pockets while toting around all your essentials in the main body of the bag. And before you ask, yes, horses and chameleons count as essentials.

Small EveryGirl tote in Around the World print: $78

Small Cleo Crossbody in Around the World 1

Kermit wants something special for Miss Piggy and the Small Cleo Crossbody makes for the perfect gift. Its compact size is ideal for a sow on the go while the adjustable strap means you can choose the length of the bag and how snugly it fits across your chest (helpful for the curvy Miss P). We can just imagine her delighted reaction when she opens this gift from Kermy: “You bought this for Moi?!”

Small Cleo Crossbody in Around the World print: $78

Deluxe Shoulder Satchel in Well Wishes 4

Rhino had just one word for this Deluxe Shoulder Satchel in Well Wishes print from the Holland collection: Awesome! The cute shape and ‘just right’ size make it useful for a day in the park or, y’know, saving the world Bolt-style. Once Rhino swapped his hamster ball for this baby there was no going back.

Deluxe Shoulder Satchel (now available in Around the World print): $88

Large Weekender in Around the World 1

You’ll probably be shocked to hear this but Pooh is partial to hunny. So when he’s planning a long trip out of the Hundred Acre Woods he naturally wants a bag big enough to keep him stocked up on the runny stuff. At around 35 x 53cm, this bag can definitely hold its honey and with an adjustable, detachable shoulder strap Pooh can make sure he’s comfortable while he carries it (or at least until he makes Eeyore do the donkey work).

Large Weekender in Around the World print: $158


Around the World is the main print in the collection and is available in sixteen styles. Other prints include a patchwork-style design, Global Journey, and the embroidered Share Your Dreams. The collection also includes four one-offs: the World of Laughter Basic Backpack, Share Your Hope Classic hobo, Mary’s Tote and the Floating Dreams cosmetic case, which features Mary with a fistful of balloons.

The Around the World collection from LeSportSac x It’s a Small World is available now from and

Check back tomorrow to win some awesome LeSportSac goodies!

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