Letter From the Editor: Vienna, Disney and Outfit Posts!


Hey, that rhymes! (Kinda)

I’ve just returned to London after a hectic week in Vienna, Austria. It’s a beautiful city filled with classical architecture and although geared more towards ‘high’ culture (as opposed to pop), I still managed to sample a healthy dose of Disney, as you can see from my snapshots above.

1-Vienna 2013

Of course, I also packed a little bit of magic into my suitcase in the form of my Cinderella handbag. For the outfit above, I looked to Kate Middleton, a modern day Disney Princess, for inspiration. I started with a navy teardrop hat, by Phillipines-born, London-based milliner Mich Dulce, and then matched the H&M blazer and Kurt Geiger shoes. I don’t usually wear pale pink (as I’m already pretty pale thanks to London weather) but I fell in love with this Reiss dress (one of Kate’s go-to brands) and I added a quirky touch with the bag, by Helen Rochfort.

photo (13)

I also managed to have my own Cinderella moment on this beautiful staircase in Vienna’s Natural History Museum (although I actually call this dress my ‘Belle’ dress, because of its gold colour). It’s by Beverly Hills designer Dina Bar-El and the shoes are from…. Primark!

1-photo (19)

During the trip I stayed in the appropriately quirky 25 Hours Hotel (Cinderella could have done with that extra hour). As soon as I stepped out of the cab and saw the sign above the door I knew this was the place for me, with its Alice in Wonderland vibe, whimsical murals on almost every wall and fairytale touches around every corner.


Even the door hangers, below, were charming, apparently referencing both Beauty and the Beast (to signal you wanted the room cleaned) and Monsters Inc (to signal privacy). I was so tempted to take these home!


Anyway, I’m back in London now and we have lots of fun stuff coming up for you this week so stay tuned! Plus, don’t forget to enter our giveaway!!


Have you ever been to Vienna or is it on your list of places to go?

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