Dress Like a Disney Prints-ess in Good Morning Mr Magpie’s Disney Print Skirts

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It’s officially summer, which means it’s time to make like Ariel and show off those stems!

Skater skirts are perfect for the warm summer months as the flippy, flowing style will keep your legs cool while the temperatures rise. And skirts don’t get much cooler than these fabulous Disney print versions from British-based label Good Morning Mr Magpie!

GGMG Skirts

Available in a variety of candy coloured hues, the skirts feature firm favourites Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Donald et al. And, depending on your Disney desires, you can choose a skirt with an all-over Disney print or just Disney print panels interspersed with red gingham for more of a retro prairie feel.

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Good Morning Mr Magpie have already had the seal of approval from pop princesses Little Mix: Jade Thirlwell was spotted in a GMMM panelled Disney skirt (above) a few weeks ago in Florida, her outfit a perfect homage to the home of Disney World!

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In fact, here at Maison Mouse we were so taken by the skirts we caught up with the lady behind the label, London College of Fashion graduate Yasmin Ross, to find out more…

Maison Mouse: What inspires you?

Yasmin Ross: I’m inspired by so many different things, but with the limited edition collections I’m often directed by the fabric that I find and the combinations I can make with them and then the shapes that would suit them. I like to mix things together to make unusual and sometimes unexpected combinations. I love bright, colorful and playful clothing; it’s a lot harder to have a bad day if you’re wearing something that makes you smile and reminds you not to take anything too seriously. That’s really what Good Morning Mr Magpie is all about!

MM: Definitely! What is it about Disney in particular that made you want to incorporate it into your collection?

I haven’t met anyone yet who has a bad thing to say about Disney. Disney films and books brought us all up! I’m still so impressed at how timeless the films are and how well made they are. Bambi was made in 1942, with none of the technology that we have today and it doesn’t feel as dated as some films that were made ten years ago. The Disney fabrics are amazing; I love the almost kitsch, novelty feel about them. In terms of using the fabric, it has so many colours so is perfect for mixing and matching with other fabrics.

MM: And finally, what is your favourite Disney movie/character?

YR: It’s a tough call between Bambi, the Lion King and Aladdin. My favorite character has to be Jasmine from Aladdin. My name is Yasmin and I used to tell my friends at school that really it was Jasmine and that Aladdin came and picked me up on his magic carpet every day after school. All lies!

MM: We totally identify – we still like to pretend we’re Disney Princesses!

The Disney print skirts start at £34 and are available now from Good Morning Mr Magpie.

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