All Dolled Up: Disney Designer Dolls Cosplay

Disney Designer Villains Dolls Cosplay Red Queen

Disney Designer Villains Dolls Red Queen

Life in plastic, it’s fantastic!

In honour of Disney’s announcement that the the D23 Expo will host its inaugural cosplay competition this summer, we thought we’d post these incredible hand-made costumes inspired by the Disney Store’s ‘Designer Doll’ ranges.

The first ‘Designer Dolls’ collection was released in 2011and featured Disney’s 10 princesses. After it sold out a smaller second collection followed in 2012, inspired by the villains. All the dolls were designed by Disney product artist Steve Thompson, whose aim was to re-imagine the characters as “fashionable, couture versions of themselves”.

Disney Designer Villains Dolls Cosplay Ursula

Disney Designer Villains Dolls Ursula

In order to achieve his vision, Thompson took inspiration from “art, architecture, texture, theatrical costumes and of course fashion by some of today’s more avant-garde designers” when he was designing the dolls. That meant volume, frills, corsetry and layers upon layers of tulle. Which is challenging enough to turn into an outfit for an 11.5 inch doll, let alone a full-sized human. As you can see though, that didn’t stop Belle, Ursula or the Queen of Hearts from getting their cosplay on. It only made their creations that much more impressive!

We just love the unique and challenging inspiration behind these costumes. And since Thompson described the dolls as ““fashion sketches come to life”, the cosplayers bringing the dolls to life is so meta!

Hopefully we’ll see some more awesome costumes like these at D23. If you have any Disney cosplay moments of your own, be sure to send them in via the Contact page.

Oh, and spoiler alert: we’ve heard rumours about what the next Disney Designer Dolls collection is going to be… scroll down to find out!

Disney Designer Princesses Cosplay Belle

Disney Designer Princess Dolls Belle

Here’s a clue… two’s company.

No? How about another clue: Just the two of us…

Give up? Apparently the next Disney Designer Dolls collection is going to be Disney Couples!

Sounds awesome so fingers crossed!

All cosplay images via Steve Thompson

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