Theodora & Callum x The Lone Ranger Scarf Collaboration

Theodora & Callum Pink Multi The Lone Ranger Tie All




Ok, we actually have no idea what The Lone Ranger is about having never seen the 1950s television show but we do know the Disney film version (which is released today) features not one but two mega hotties in the form of Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer. Throw in a couple of shirtless scene and we’ll be yeehaw-ing all the way to the theatre.

Theodora & Callum Brown Multi The Lone Ranger Tie All

As well as the inspired Depp/Hammer pairing, Disney have also given us a reason to celebrate the release of the film by collaborating with accessories brand Theodora and Callum to produce three Lone Ranger-inspired scarves.

Made from a linen/viscose blend the scarves are available in different coloured Native American prints and would look mighty fine paired with some cowboy boots, denim and chunky jewellery. You can even use them as skirts, dresses, shawls and beach blankets!

Yeehaw indeed.

Theodora & Callum Blue Multi The Lone Ranger Tie All

The Lone Ranger scarves retail for $175.00 at

The Lone Ranger film is out today in the US and out 9 August 2013 in the UK.

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