Chain Mail: Gogo Philip Store Launch

Gogo Philip Store

Ever since we first laid eyes on Gogo Philip’s magical inaugural Disney collection we’ve had a soft spot for the Italian-born, London-based jeweller so we were thrilled when we heard he was opening his first ever store! Based in East London’s trendy Shoreditch, the Gogo Philip flagship is part shop, part showroom and part hangout complete with benches, tables and a cash desk-slash-bar that means after you’ve shopped ’till you dropped you can rest your weary bones… and then shop some more!


As well as walls decorated with dazzling accessories, we got a kick out of this original Gogo Philip artwork on the wall, made entirely of gold-plated and matt black chains (chains are Gogo’s signature piece we soon realised) while underneath the cash desk we spotted an entire curtain of chains, and found ourselves momentarily hypnotized as we watched them sway from side to side… Now that’s what we call retail therapy.


Of course, what we were really excited about was the jewellery, especially Gogo’s latest collection for Disney, which included spiked Mickey earrings, bangles and, naturally, heavy chains!




We were lucky enough to come away from the event with the Bambi necklace, below, which we’ll be wearing 24/7 come Autumn (Bambi is big for Autumn, dontchyaknow!) For a more interactive view of the store (and a sneak peek of Gogo himself) check out our Vine.


Gogo Philip is located at 68A Cheshire Street London E2 6EH. Closest station is Shoreditch High Street via the London Overground.

And if you can’t make it to London you’re in luck because ships internationally! Can we get a whoop whoop?!

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