Style Diary: Snow White Meets Rihanna


Ever wondered what the Disney Princess and Good Girl Gone Bad have in common? Maison Mouse editor Kiki takes us through her outfit of the day.

The inspiration behind this look was Mae West’s famous quip, “I used to be Snow White but I drifted”. For a jewellery store opening in London’s trend-setting East End I needed an outfit that both reflected my Disney credentials but wasn’t too saccharine: Snow White meets Rihanna, if you will, minus the relationship drama (on both counts).


The starting point was my Gogo Philip ‘Seven Dwarves’ necklace, since it’s only polite to wear something by the designer whose store opening you’re attending, right? To stick with the Snow White theme I dug out this Forever 21 top a friend generously bought me ages ago, which I’d never really known how to wear. But paired with denim shorts the fringing suddenly looked edgy rather than awkward and I did away with the too-tight sleeves by hacking them off in a fit of inspiration minutes before I walked out of the door. Who needs a magic wand when you have a pair of scissors!


For a bit of extra Disney magic I added Mickey Mouse tights from Primark and flat biker boots (from Aldo) to complete the look. If it hadn’t been so swelteringly hot I would have thrown my crusty leather jacket too, although if I had I would only have spent the evening wishing it was this one from Philipp Plein!

To read about the Gogo Philip store opening itself, click here.

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