Disney’s Bambi Skirts at Hot Topic!

Bambi Skirt Hot topic

Squeeee! This is not a drill!

Hot Topic are doing Disney skirts. We repeat, this is not a drill!

We’ve been secretly hoping that skirts (and dresses!) would be next for the brand after the successful run they’ve had with their leggings and we are pleased – nay, thrilled – to announce that this Bambi body-con skirt was released on the site this morning. The front of the skirt features the lovable dear with friends Thumper and Flower. The back of the skirt (below) is a continuation of the painted forest scene. As far as we’re aware it  has not yet hit stores.

Bambi Skirt Hot topic Back

It will be interesting to see how well the skirt does. If it had been Ariel we would be predicting an instant sell-out but while Bambi is a beloved Disney character, he doesn’t have the same avid fan-base as the princesses. Having said that, Bambi is going to be a big trend for Autumn this year, largely thanks to Givenchi’s Bambi-print sweaters, which debuted at Paris Fashion Week in February. The other thing about this skirt is the shape, which is harder to pull off than a more flattering skater skirt.

Still, we love the print (and the fact that it covers the whole skirt and not just the front) so we’ll probably be picking one up to match our new Gogo Philip necklace!

What Disney print would YOU like to see on a skirt?

The Bambi skirt is available at HotTopic.com for the currently-discounted price of $15.75

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