Day 3 of San Diego Comic Con was a blast and threw up some truly amazing Disney cosplay – check out these undead Disney Princesses above. Theirs would make such a genius Halloween costume! (If you love this idea but can’t make one yourself check out this unofficial ‘Hell’s Belle’ costume, which would give even the Beast a fright).

And you’ll never guess who else we bumped into… Erin Montemurro cosplaying as the Disney Designer Dolls Queen of Hearts! Remember we posted a picture of her a while back? We were so thrilled to see her costume in person – the detail on the dress is truly breathtaking. For more pics of Erin cosplaying check out here DeviantArt page here.

Red Queen

And check out lots more Disney cosplay from SDCC Day 3 in the gallery below, including a stunning Jessica Rabbit, a Jane from Tarzan and the cast of Once Upon a Time!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Which Disney character would you want to dress up as for Comic Con?

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