Disney Princess Fashion by Decade

princess_of_the_year_by_bealor-d6g50k1OMG we LOVE this!

We’ve already seen Disney Princesses in historically accurate outfits and now DeviantArt user bealor has created this image of the Princesses wearing fashion from the year their film was released, starting with Snow White in 1937 and ending with Merida in 2012. (We hope it’s updated with Elsa and Anna when Frozen comes out in November!)

Pocahontas Mulan Jasmine

Our favorite by FAR is Pocahontas sporting a look that is straight out of Cher’s rotating closet in Clueless! Isn’t she a total Betty? Both films came out in 1995 and while we love her original bare-foot outfit, we have to admit that Pocahontas is totally rocking those knee-high socks! We also dig Jasmine’s conservative black vest and denim skirt and Mulan channeling ’90s grunge.

Cindy ArielAnd don’t even get us started on Cinderella’s vintage vibe from 1957, which is totally reminiscent Dior’s New Look. SO PRETTY. Her Fairy Godmother would have been out of a job if Prince Charming had spotted Cindy in this dress! Even her hair is gorgeous, with the classic bun accompanied by a cute quiff! Throw in a pair of white gloves and a parasol, and this would be an awesome outfit for Dapper Day. Meanwhile Ariel is channeling Madonna circa the 1980s: leggings, bangles and big hair! With all her gadgets and gizmos a-plenty, we knew the Little Mermaid was a Material Girl at heart.

Merida Tiana Rapunzel

As well as being a gorgeous picture and a fun reminder of bygone fashions, the image is totally educational too! We never realized there was a 30 year gap between Disney Princess films! We hope that never happens again, especially because it’s such a shame there isn’t a Disney Princess from the ’70s – we would have loved to see some bell bottoms and flower headbands.

Which is your favorite Disney Princess decade for fashion?

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