Beautifully Disney Cosmetics: Fall 2013 Preview


You don’t wanna mess with the ladies in this collection!

For Fall 2013 Beautifully Disney – Disney’s in-house cosmetics line – takes its inspiration from exotic beauties Jasmine, Pocahontas, Merida and Mulan with a collection entitled ‘Fiery Spririt’. Their influence is evident in the bright colors and earthy tones of the eye shadows – bright blues sit next to clays and neautrals – and the nearly neon nail polishes.


There will be four polishes and four lip glosses (each named after one of the four princesses) as well as the eyeshadow palette, which is called ‘Autumn Blaze’. We think it’s just perfect for injecting some color into next season!

And, of course, we love the packaging. While we’re big fans of Belle, Snow White and Ariel it’s nice to see the other ladies get a look in sometimes!


Beautifully Disney’s Fall Collection will be available in Disney Parks and Disney Stores this Fall.

3 responses to “Beautifully Disney Cosmetics: Fall 2013 Preview

  1. I so hope we get this in the UK! They did the first collection (Wickedly Beautiful?) over here but since I haven’t seen Summer collection on the website. Desperately holding out hope but maybe it wasn’t popular enough 😦 The packaging on this collection is just fierce!! I love Mulan too, its one of my favs 🙂

    • Definitely agree about the packaging! I’m planning on doing some digging into the availability of the collection in Europe as a few people have been asking about it. I remember seeing it in a London Disney Store a while ago so fingers crossed it will be available here!

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