D23 Expo: Cosplay Day 1


It’s cosplay o’clock! Which means it’s time to look back at some of our favorite costumes from day 1 of the D23 Expo last weekend. From the amazing cast of Princess and the Frog (above) to characters from Star Wars and Marvel, all areas of The Walt Disney Company were represented – even the parks! Check out more pics below!


One of the big trends this year was the Designer Dolls series, with ultra-glamorized versions of the princesses (and villains!). We’re all over these interpretations of the fairytale frocks! Don’t you just love Ariel’s Rapunzel-like hair? Even Ursula looks purple with envy, although she’s looking pretty hot herself.

We also spotted some characters from Disneyland, including this tight-rope walker from the Haunted Mansion. You can also see the Hat Box Ghost and the Harrison Hightower III (from the Japanese Tower of Terror) below.


But as well as the gowns, we loved some of the quirkier costumes, which included ‘Kevin’, the mythical bird from Up, who also brought her chicks along for the ride (check out her shoes). The best part was we didn’t even need to share our chocolate to get a picture. This costume totally brightened up our day!


Our other favorite costume was also part of the Pixar canon – Darla from Finding Nemo! Darla got such a great reaction from the crowd during the Expo’s ‘A La Mode’ Costume Contest – even when she held up the baggy with the upside down clown fish (he was just resting his eyes, right?).


There were so many more excellent costumes at D23, including Pocahontas with the colors of the wind in her hair and Meeko by her side, and even Anna and Elsa from Disney’s upcoming Frozen! Check out all these and more in the gallery below!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Which was your favorite costume? Let us know in the comments!

10 responses to “D23 Expo: Cosplay Day 1

  1. Awesome cosplays! The Designer Ursula girl was also at Comic-Con as peasant Snow White. Crazy transformation, right?! The Haunted Mansion cosplays were superb — Hat Box Ghost looks like he belongs on the attraction!

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  7. I’m the Elsa in the slideshow!!!! Thank you so much for sharing my cosplay!!!!!! I have a TON more pics on my facebook page at facebook.com/angiviper XD

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