Be Our Guest! Beauty and the Beast Homewares


We just had the most genius idea. If we ever get a house big enough to have a guest bedroom (hey, guest bedrooms are for fancy people!)  we’re going to theme it to Beauty and the Beast. Because then we can hang a sign on the bedroom door saying “Be Our Guest” and put “Be Our Guest” pillows on the bed! It’ll be awesome!

And it looks like the Disney Parks want us to achieve this goal too. Not because they’ve bought us a house with a guest bedroom (that would be nice, Disney Parks, if you’re reading this) but because they’ve started releasing super stylish Beauty and the Beast homewares.

Throw BATB

The throw (above) and pillow (top picture) have been out for a while now and today Disney Parks announced that there are more fabulous goodies to come! Not only will we get an 11 inch Lumiere with flickering candles (which we will be placing right next to our china Mrs Potts from Tokyo Disneyland) but also a stained “glass-like” window featuring the classic image from the film (both are pictured below). No word on how large the window will be or what it will actually be made of (our guess is the outside will be made of resin, much like the Haunted Mansion homewares) but we’ll keep you updated!

DesktopAnd finally, the piece de resistance of the collection is the gorgeous tapestry, pictured below, which will measure an enormous 54 by 35 inches. We can imagine that would look pretty spectacular hung up in the hallway outside the guest bedroom. Where did we put that tape measure?

Tapestry BATB

Ironically, given the size of the thing, we could only find this teeny-tiny image of the tapestry. Looks amazing though, huh? All we need now is a talking closet and a dinner set that washes itself and we’re done!

Beauty and the Beast homewares will be available at US Disney Parks and the US Disney Store online.

5 responses to “Be Our Guest! Beauty and the Beast Homewares

    • All we’re hearing is “soon” and “coming weeks/months”. If the Haunted Mansion homewares are anything to go by the pieces trickled into parks and on-line over a few months after they were announced, sold out really quickly and were then re-stocked! Will keep an eye on it though!

  1. theres one of the stained glass figures on ebay now im not sure how they got one but im hoping disney will release it soon cause they want $400 for the one on ebay lol and the tapestry is available now

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