D23 Expo: I Heart Mickey and Minnie Fashion


Who doesn’t? Move over Brangelina, Mickey and Minnie are pretty much the most fashionable couple ever! All of Europe’s most important designers want to work with them! And didn’t you see Love Magazine’s recent Minnie Mouse-themed issue?

Which is why we were thrilled to check out the mouse-inspired fashion at D23 Expo’s ‘I Heart Mickey and Minnie’ retrospective. From nifty fur hats to that Marc Jacobs sweater (you remember – the one that cost a cool $1,000?), we got to see some pretty fabulous fashion from around the globe, all inspired by the darling duo.

Check out the pictures below to see our favorite Disney designs from the Expo!

DSC03477This ’50s style fit and flare dress by Giles Deacon, above, was created for London Fashion Week 2012. The seemingly simple structure of the dress lets the clashing Minnie-themed prints do all the talking and with its full skirt and flattering square neckline, it would make any girl look like a princess. We wish it hadn’t just been a one-off! *Sob*


D23 Minnie and Mickey FashionMawi for Minnie just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? The Indian-born, London-based jewellery designer created a collection for Disney Couture, above, back in August 2011, made up of chunky cocktail rings, earrings, bracelets and statement necklaces that would put Flavor Flav to shame, all with Minnie’s signature silhouette. To paraphrase Marilyn Monroe, when it comes to jewellery, Minnie is a girl’s best friend.

DSC03896In stark contrast to Mawi, Harveys (the seatbelt bag company) collaborated with Disney on a bag so subtle you’d have to hit someone on the head with it before they realized it was covered in a Disney-themed print (see above). How long did it take you to work out that this leopard had changed some of its spots to Minnies? You see? Who needs cell phone games when the print on your bag is an optical illusion? We could spend hours staring at that thing!


Equally captivating is this Minnie Mouse hat by Piers Atkinson, also created for London Fashion Week 2012. With its studded bow and ostrich-feather trim this is definitely not a hat you could wear to a Royal Wedding (unless it was, say, Maleficent’s, which would obviously have an all-black dress code and call for fabulous headgear). And you couldn’t really wear it to Disneyland either, because your head would boil like an egg in the California sunshine. It’s absolutely perfect for British winters though. Yay!

DSC04118One of the things we love about Disney is how it can be interpreted by both high fashion and high street fashion and still look equally chic. The display above features a sweet Mickey tank top from Kohl’s (around $20) accessorized with a Harvey’s bag ($264) on the left. On the right we have a Marc Jacobs Mickey top, which retailed at $995, plus a Gerlan Jeans bag ($340, more of which below). And despite there being a $1,000 difference in the price tag, the two outfits are equally cute!

DSC04124 (2)Having said that, we seriously love the monochrome Marc Jacobs ensemble, which is so stylish that Miley Cyrus wore a red version to New York Fashion Week. We guess she liked the irony of wearing her old boss on her sweatshirt! (What do you mean Mickey Mouse isn’t the boss at Disney??) We’d still happily rock the Kohl’s shirt though! The Mickey graphic is adorable!


But our FAVORITE item on display was the Gerlan Jeans ‘Minnie Number 5’ bag, above. It’s just amazing. Not only are the nods to Chanel hilarious (the name, the black quilting, the chain link straps) but the silhouette is fabulous with a capital FAB and it even has a giant bow as a zip pull. A GIANT bow. How great is that? Also, we’re pretty sure you could use it as a cushion while waiting for the parade to start at Disneyland. Now that’s what we call a multi-tasking accessory! Totally worth every penny.

Which one of these Disney fashion items is on your wish list?

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