D23 Expo: Cosplay Day 3

DSC04176Day 3 of the D23 Expo was the last day of the Expo – boo! But it also meant it was the last chance for cosplayers to bring their A-game to an audience who would know and appreciate their costumes! And we weren’t disappointed. Although, as you can see, some people expect a little more appreciation than others (we’re looking at you, Gaston!)

DSC04105One of our favorite occurrences at conventions is when people who don’t know each other but are cosplaying related characters bump into each other. It always makes for a fun picture. For example, Belle and Gaston (top picture) didn’t know each other but happened to end up in the same part of the convention center at the same time! Similarly the PNK Monsters University gals, above, waived over Claire Wheeler, MU Greek Council President, when they saw her walking past. And snap! You get a fab photo!

It’s just a shame we couldn’t get a picture of Belle with Mrs Potts on Day 2!


Whether or not cosplayers know each other, there’s just something about group costumes that always looks awesome. Toy Story 3’s Barbie and Ken (above) came to the Expo together and don’t they look gorgeous? Then again, it is Barbie and Ken – they were meant to be! After all, how could any girl resist a man with a disco room, dune buggy and a whole room just for trying on clothes?

As always, check out lots more cosplay in the gallery below! And don’t forget to browse the costumes from Day 1 and Day 2!

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9 responses to “D23 Expo: Cosplay Day 3

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  4. The Ken is Matt Jensen (facebook.com/humbleshield) and the Rapunzel/Flynn couple shown as both normal and wedding outfits is Heather Harmon and her fiance Adam Greenfield 🙂

    • Thank you! We love getting credits through – usually the cosplayers are being papped from all angles and there’s no time get details!

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