Disney Fairytale Designer Collection: Jewellery, Tops, Bags & Beauty!


Fairytale fashion is what we’re all about here at Maison Mouse. So you can imagine our excitement at the launch of Disney Store’s Fairytale Designer Collection today!

Focused around five fantastic couples, the centerpiece of the collection is, undoubtedly, the dolls (pictured above). Every fortnight a prince and princess will be released together, starting with Snow White today. But as well as the fairytale figures, the range includes everything you need to look like a princess yourself, from clothes and cosmetics to china, accessories and more.

So sit back and relax while we take you through the collection, below. Hey, just think of us your resident fairy godmother….

Tee Time

Fairytale Collection Rapunzel Tee

Three t-shirts. Three princesses. You can choose from long sleeve, short sleeve, round neck, v-neck, pink, purple or cream with Rapunzel, Belle or Snow. Each tee features an illustration from the collection and plenty of sparkles. Very important where princesses are concerned.

T-shirts range from $34.95 – $39.95, currently US Disney Store only

Handbags at Dawn



DSC03557-001 (2)

Bags and wallets and cosmetics cases, oh my! And we just love that Snow White tote bag. From the stylish navy faux-leather bottom and straps to the subtle print, it’s perfect for injecting a little bit of Disney magic into your everyday outfit. The laminated wallet and cosmetics case conveniently match and, like the bag, are a limited edition of 500. All are currently sold out online.

Accessories range from $24.95 – $59.95, currently US Disney Store only

Charmed, I’m sure



Carry the five princesses on your sleeve and close to your heart with this super sparkly charm bracelet and necklace , each featuring a brush, treasure chest, rose, lamp and apple. (We really want to use that brush on the Rapunzel doll’s hair!) There is also a Belle ring set, made up of three 14kt gold-plated rings, two of which are decorated with an enchanted rose and precious key. Now all you need is a prince to slip it on your finger.

Jewellery ranges from $29.95 – $69.95, currently US Disney Store only

Lips and Nails


Even princesses need a little help in the morning after their beauty sleep. A slick of lipgloss and a dab of nail polish will have you looking like the fairest of them all in no time! Both the lipgloss and nail polish sets feature Belle, Rapunzel and Snow White, while the polishes also include an Ariel-themed sea blue.

Cosmetics range from $19.95 – $24.95, currently US Disney Store only

Bottoms Up



Now you can have your own enchanted china to entertain guests! With their delicate tulip bases and swirling filigree handles, these  mugs look like they belong in a castle, don’t they? Each one features two illustrations of the cute couples (one on the front and one on the back) but sadly all five versions are currently sold out online.

$12.95 each, currently US Disney Store only

Write On



Every princess needs a journal to write down her story – otherwise how else will it be turned into a Disney movie? These notebooks are truly fit for royalty with their faux-leather spines and corners, satin ribbon markers (plus charm!), and gorgeous graphic covers. The inner pages are just as pretty with gold foil page edging and an illustration in each corner.

$16.95 each, currently US Disney Store only

Phew, that contains our tour of the castle today. But if you still want more there are plenty of pictures of the collection in the gallery below!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Which piece is your favorite?

5 responses to “Disney Fairytale Designer Collection: Jewellery, Tops, Bags & Beauty!

  1. I bought the Snow White doll yesterday! I wasn’t even planning on it, but my boyfriend and I just went to the Disney Store for fun and I thought they would’ve sold out of the dolls by then, but there were 5 left! 😀 I almost bought the Beauty & the Beast + Aladdin mugs too, but I didn’t want to spend too much $$$. Which ones your favorite? 🙂

    • Hi Annie – the shirts were on the US Disneystore website but unfortunately they’re no longer available. Keep an eye on eBay though – one might come up! 🙂

    • Hi there! Sadly not on Facebook atm but you can check us out on Twitter and Instagram – just look for MaisonMouse! 🙂

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