D23 Expo: Cutest Kids Cosplay

It’s Friday, so step away from the kittens on YouTube for something much cuter. Kids in cosplay! It’s always a winner. The kids may get old but the concept never does. Check out our selection of the cutest from the D23 Expo.

DSC03888A miniature Mary Poppins who’s probably still too young to spell ‘supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ is a by-word for cuteness, as is her Bert. To be fair, we can’t spell it either (we totally Googled it).

DSC03926Rabbits are cute. Kids are cute. Put a kid in a rabbit outfit and you get cuteness squared!


There’s a cowboy in my pram! Wait, which one’s the real Woody? They’re both so tiny! Adorable.

DSC04110This little piggy stole everybody’s hearts! Look at that curly tail! and her Archie the Scare Pig headband eyes! Amazing. Credit to mom too for the fab costume skills.


This is how to do casual cosplay in style. From the chequered print ruffle at the bottom of the dress to the bodice, which reproduces copy from the Planes, advert, this is one of the most fabulous outfits we saw at the D23 Expo!

Check out more D23 Expo cosplay here, here and here!

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