Cakenweenie Cakes for Tim Burton’s Birthday

CakenweenieHappy Birthday Tim Burton!

The quirky director and long-time Disney collaborator celebrated his 55th birthday yesterday and, in honor of the momentous occasion, 100 cake decorators from around the world (nicknamed ‘Burtonesque Bakers’) set out to make the most fabulous edible creations inspired by his films. Photographs of each cake were submitted and turned into the collage you see above, featuring one of his most famous characters, Jack Skellington! It’s also the 20th anniversary of Nightmare Before Christmas this year (we know – twenty years – mind blown), which makes this project even more fitting!

Did you know that back in the 1980s Tim Burton was fired from Disney? Luckily for everyone the two later kissed and made up. If they hadn’t we might not have gotten to seen awesome films like Nightmare Before Christmas and Frankenweenie! (Err, live-action Alice in Wonderland we could have lived without).

Check out some of our favorite Cakenweenie cakes below!


Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas was created by Bliss Pastry out of gumpaste and fondant while the headstone is made from Rice Krispies! How cool is that?!


Adventures in Caking put together Persephone from Frankenweenie out of fondant while her Bride of Frankenstein hair-do is, once again, made of Rice Krispies. Who knew you could be so creative with Krispie treats?

Red-Queen-Alice-in-Wonderland-Alyssa-Hall-Cuteology-CakesThis striking Red Queen from the live action Alice in Wonderland (played by Burton’s long-term partner Helena Bonham Carter) was made by Cuteology Cakes out of edible food gels on a fondant square. The paintwork is amazing!

Shock-Nightmare-Before-Christmas-Robin-Gateaux-IncShock from Nightmare Before Christmas was whipped up by Gateaux Inc out of modelling chocolate, as were her bathtub and sack. She sits on a yellow cake filled with strawberry preserve. Sounds delicious!

Check out 96 more Tim Burton-inspired cakes on the Cakenweenie website. And to keep the project aliiiive, every Monday (the day that Burton was born) they’ll showcase new cakes!

Looking at all these gorgeous gateaux has us totally pumped for Halloween now! Only 66 days to go!

Which is your favorite creepy cake?

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