Disney Style Diary: Disney Princesses

Princess 2

We don’t all have a Fairy Godmother to whip up a dress for us but at least we have Etsy! Earlier this August, Maison Mouse editor Kiki spent a magical month in California and in this week-long Disney Style Diary series, she takes us through her sartorial choices. Today’s outfit: a day at Disneyland.

After my first visit to Walt Disney World, Florida, a couple of years ago – which was also my first visit to a Disney resort outside of Paris – I eagerly scrolled through the photographs upon returning home. The light was perfect (it was a freakishly hot October, even for Orlando), the backgrounds were gorgeous (carved trees, royal castles, the Eiffel Tower) but my outfits… well, my outfits were meh. Sure I looked like a typical tourist in shorts and shirts – and they were comfortable – but standing next to Cinderella or even Mickey, I felt seriously under-dressed. So this time, I planned ahead.

Princess 3

To start with I trawled Etsy for around four months before eventually alighting on Vampire Bunnies, who are based in the UK, and make fabulous fit and flare dresses out of all kinds of wonderful prints (and princesses!). After some important deliberations (choosing between the princess dress, above, and a Tinker Bell one) I went for the Disney Princess print, which features Cinderella, Belle and Aurora. I also opted to have straps added for a little bit extra so I didn’t have to worry about hoisting it up while falling 13 stories on the Tower of Terror.

The dress came pretty quickly and fitted perfectly. I was going to add a petticoat underneath to puff it out but a) didn’t have space in my luggage and b) it ended up being a blisteringly hot day and I just about survived in the cotton dress as it was. Having said that, it was totally worth it! I got so many nice comments and lots of people wanted to know where it came from! (One cast member even asked if I’d bought it at Disney – sadly not. I WISH they made clothes like this for adults!).

Princess 1

As any princess fan will know, it’s not all about the dress. You need some great accessories too! Sadly glass slippers weren’t an option but I did get a pumpkin coach (necklace) from Gogo Philip! These necklaces were made exclusively for Maison Mouse – keep an eye on the site as we will be giving some away next month! I also added some Disney Princess Silly Bandz and a Disney Store charm bracelet on my wrists. The shoes were super cheap from Primark and, luckily, very comfortable. (I got them because they matched Cindy’s dress on the print!)

Princess 4

The finishing touch was my LeSportSac It’s a Small World purse from the Holland collection. The color scheme fitted perfectly and I kind of loved the clashing prints. Plus, I have finally decided that It’s a Small World is my favorite Magic Kingdom ride, so the bag was especially fitting. I swapped out the Dutch girl charm for Mary Blair though, so I could take her on the ride with me, since she designed it! (That’s kinda meta, right?).

Princess 5

I also managed to get some cute images of the bag – and Mary – on It’s a Small World itself! No easy feat in the middle of August at Disneyland.

Princess 6

Dress: Vampire Bunnies on Etsy | Necklace: Gogo Philip | Bracelets: Disney Princess Silly Bandz | Bag: LeSportSac | Shoes: Primark

Check back tomorrow for more Disney Style Diaries from my magical time in California!

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