A Love Letter to Hot Topic

28.08Oh Hot Topic, we’ve fallen for you hard!

And we’re beginning to think the feeling is mutual.

Every week you bring out more Disney merch, as if you’re trying to send us a message. And not just any Disney merch – merch based on the cult films (Lilo & Stitch) and the classic films (Lion King, Bambi, anything involving princesses). You don’t just whack it on t-shirts like you don’t give a crap. You think up these incredible illustrations (the tattoo graphics are our favorite) and lovingly design new apparel to print them on – bags, skirts, dresses. You came out with a Bambi bodycon skirt and when we asked for a more flattering skater shape, you came out with that too. And you know how much we love costumes – we’re always posting about fab Disney cosplay – so this week you released two Disney Princess costumes (above), which we pretty much flipped out over.

Then there’s the phone cases, the sweaters and, oh, did we mention the underwear? That’s when we really fell for you.

Hot Topic, we can only assume you love your Disney fans as much as we love you ❤

Hot Topic Sleeping Beauty Skirt - Copy

Check out all our favorite pieces in the gallery below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2 responses to “A Love Letter to Hot Topic

  1. Omg, they have my favorite princesses costume.! I think I have found my belle costume for Halloween. Keep it coming Hot Topic! ^__^

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